WCS 第一季 台港澳日挑戰賽S1 8強至決賽 / WCS TW/HK/MO/JP S3 Ro8 to Finals

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2018 WCS Season 1  TW/HK/MO/JO Ro8  to Finals

Qualifier Stage: 4 Qualified from two qualifiers.

Playoffs Stage: 8 players single-elimination bracket.

1. Broadcast:

Open qualifiers are held online, but will not be broadcasted.

2. Matchday:

Day 1: 2017/12/09 19:00 TST (GMT+8)

Day 2: 2017/12/10 19:00 TST (GMT+8)

3. Check-in/Match start

Check-in: 17:00-18:45

Matches start: 19:00

Channel: 2018WCSS1 (/join 2018WCSS1)

4. Map pool:

奧德賽 - 天梯版 / Odyssey LE

戰意高昇之地 - 天梯版/ Catalyst LE

艾爾飛升 - 天梯版 / Ascension to Aiur LE

霓虹紫羅蘭廣場 - 天梯版 / Neon Violet Square LE

深海礁岩 - 天梯版 / Abyssal Reef LE

紅粉不夜城 / Blackpink LE

木板小路之戰 - 天梯版 / Battle on the Borardwalk LE

5. Ban & Pick: 

The participant with the smaller number is the red player(A); the one with the larger number is the blue player (B).

For Best of 5, AB BABAC, Both players take turns to veto 1 map from the map pool, so there is 5 left, then B selects the first map.

For Best of 7, ABABABC, Both players take turns to selects map, A selects map first.


冠军: AfreecaTVNice (P)
有价值对手: Gogojoey (Z)


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