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WCS 台港澳日挑戰賽S1 - 海選賽 / WCS TW/HK/MO/JP S1 Qualifier

  • 64 Players
  • Single Elimination
  • Game not specified
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2.0 WCS TW/HK/MO/JO Open Qualifiers

WCS TW/HK/MO/JO Open Qualifiers will be held online to determine the 16 players entering the second stage, the group stage, in which the appearance in the grand finals will be fought for.

  1. Open Qualifiers are held online

  2. Open Qualifiers will not be broadcasted

  3. Bracket: please see below.

  4. Matchday:

    1. March 26th 2017 19:00

  5. Check-in will start at 18:00 and the matches will start at 19:00

  6. Check-in platform: In-game chat channel "2017WCSS1"

    1. Insert "/join 2017WCSS1" in the chat channel to join the channel

  1. Checking rules

    1. Participants shall check in within 60 minutes before the event in the channel indicated above. Participants not checking in within 15 minutes after the matchday starts (i.e. 19:15) and cause the match to be unable to be played are considered to forfeit.

  1. Qualifiers format:

    1. All qualifier matches are single elimination.

    2. All matches are best-of-three (Bo3)

    3. Top 16 advance to the second stage, dual-tournament format.

    4. All matches are played with 2017 Season 1 Ladder Maps:

      1. Abyssal Reef LE, Paladino Terminal LE, Proxima Staton LE, Honor Grounds LE, Newkirk Precinct TE, Bel'Shir Vestige LE, Cactus Valley LE

    5. Ban & Pick:

      1. All bans and picks must be done beforehand.

      2. The participant with the smaller number is the red player; the one with the larger number is the blue player.

      3. Both players must inform their opponent of the race they use (Protoss, Terran, Zerg or random)

      4. In all best-of-three matches, the banning starts with the red player selecting the first ban, the blue player delivers the second and third, then the red player makes the fourth. This is followed by the blue player selecting the first map to play, the red player selects the second, and the remaining will be the third.

      5. Each map is only used once in each best-of-three set.

  1. Result reporting

    1. At the conclusion of each Bo3 set, the winning player must report the result to the referee in "2017WCSS1" channel.

    2. The participants should wait for the tournament progress information from the referee after each match.


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